EGGSHELLSTICKERS are stickers for extreme requirements. Usually thought of as a forgery-proof seal, this adhesive film sticks to almost all substrates with extreme adhesive strength, which even increases with the duration of the bonding. If you try to remove these stickers, the foil breaks into small pieces like an eggshell. These stickers are suitable for all applications where a heavy or almost impossible distance is the target. With the HOLO film, a silver reflecting, iridescent or holographic surface is printed as an extra safety feature. The backside of the Eggshell stickers consists of unslotted carrier paper, which is also printable.

We print in weatherproof and extremely durable screen printing. All materials can be punched or punched to individual shapes upon request. With screen printing, all colours according to HKS or Pantone are possible, including neon and metallic effect colours. The prices shown on this page refer to normally pigmented colours, NEON, NIGHTGLOW and METALLEFFECT COLOURS such as SILVER, GOLD, BRONZE etc. are subject to a surcharge. In this case, please send us an individual inquiry.